The Art of Entertainment Gifting

GiftedTaste is a full-service entertainment gifting agency. We curate bespoke gift boxes and of-the-moment culinary experiences that mirror our client’s workplace culture and builds deeper connectedness between brand identity and clientele. Entirely unique to the recipient and curated with high-end, high-art aesthetics - each GiftedTaste Experience inspires narratives with relevance and impact that ties the gift giver and recipient. 


Why a GiftedTaste experience?

GiftedTaste is a global entertaining platform - we are the turnkey resource for unique gifting, reservations, and high art culinary events. Our coterie of hospitality partnerships enables us to offer our private members unprecedented access, ease, and the gifts of time and connectivity.


About Roberta Kung

GiftedTaste is Roberta Kung’s latest endeavor in a lifelong practice of gratitude. It is the result of the inevitable inspiration drawn from entering medical school at an early age, her involvement with causes dedicated to the wellbeing of women and children, a career working alongside visionaries in healthcare, and the raising of three children with her lifelong partner with whom she co-founded The Simon Family Drug Research Fund. 

At a pivotal point in her personal and professional life, Roberta transformed her innate love for giving, her insatiable curiosity for forward thinking services, and her appreciation for luxurious products into a comprehensive vision. This collective moment built on itself, and ultimately channeled her creativity into a renewed, deeper purpose - in the form of her company, GiftedTaste.